Thank you for helping us to #SaveFouldenMaar

As we find ourselves at the end of a busy week, the team behind #SaveFouldenMaar want to say THANK YOU for signing our petition.

Just four days after launching, nearly 6,000 people have shown their support for our campaign. Together, we have sent a strong message about the importance of protecting this unique geological treasure from being mined by Plaman Resources for diatomite to feed intensively farmed animals and to use as a fertiliser on environmentally destructive palm plantations.

But the fight isn’t over yet and there is more you can do!

Share our petition with your friends and family.

The more people who sign our petition, the stronger message we send. Please share the petition with your friends and whānau.

You could do this on social media, by emailing everyone you know, or by printing a physical form to collect signatures. It will only take a second but means that hundreds of people see the petition and can join our movement.

Make a submission to the Overseas Investment Office

Plaman Resources currently has an application with the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) to purchase 400 hectares of land surrounding the 42 hectares they already own.

This application is necessary to Plaman Resources as it will make their proposal commercially viable by allowing them to fully exploit Foulden Maar and establish mine infrastructure that will operate 24/7.

We don’t know when the OIO will make a decision on their application, but members of the public are welcome to make submissions in opposition. Another way you can support our campaign is by making a submission asking that Plaman’s application be declined.

We have prepared a guide for anyone who would like to submit, along with some examples and resources about what information to include and what to expect throughout the process.

Write a letter to the editor

Another way you can show your support for our campaign is by sending a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. This may be published, which gives the issue more exposure to others in the community and makes the newspaper more likely to dedicate space in upcoming issues to cover the Foulden Maar issue.

Again, thank you for your support. We are so grateful to you all.

Ngā mihi nui,

The team at #SaveFouldenMaar

P.S. You can stay up to date with our campaign on Facebook and Twitter or email us on [email protected].