STATEMENT: Plaman Resources withdraw OIO application

“We are pleased that Plaman Resources have withdrawn their application with the Overseas Investment Office and believe it is another step towards protecting Foulden Maar in perpetuity,” said Kimberley Collins, Chair of the Save Foulden Maar Society.

“The public has sent a clear message to Plaman that Foulden Maar is not to be mined and that we will not allow our unique geological features to be destroyed for low-value stock feed.”

“Until the 42-hectares containing 80% of Foulden Maar is in public ownership, it remains vulnerable to destruction. We fully intend to ensure it is protected and are exploring a range of avenues to facilitate its protection in perpetuity for paleontological research and to further our understanding of climate change.”

“Any future plans to mine the area, whether from an overseas or domestic mining company, will be met with fierce opposition from the public, including Dunedin City Council who spoke out in support of Foulden Maar’s preservation.”